How Much Do Arcade Machines Cost For Car Service Center?

Arcade machines are superb additions to any car service center or auto repair shop. They provide great entertainment for your customers while they wait and are a great way to advertise your business. However, arcade machines can be expensive, so you may wonder how much should an arcade machine cost. Well, the mystery is over. Several factors impact arcade machine prices, and this blog post will discuss how to save money on arcade machines. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Arcade Games?

Arcade games are video games developed on coin-operated, or arcade-style, machines. These games usually feature simple controls, which are different from today’s modern games. They could only be played for a short period before the player had to insert another coin to continue playing.

Types Of Arcade Games

Arcade games come in many different flavors. The mechanics and controls are other, but the goal is the same: score as many points as possible before the clock runs out. Here are some of the types of arcade games you’ll find at arcades these days:

  • Shooting games: Every shooting game aims to shoot as many enemy targets as possible before time runs out. Each level consists of various targets, and you must shoot all of them to complete the level. Some shooting games also allow you to shoot bonuses for extra points.
  • Platform games: In platform games, the goal is to get your character from point A to point B without falling. The player must move the surface around the stage, avoiding the enemies ahead. Some platform games will also require the character to climb over obstacles or collect items along the way.
  • Racing games: Some arcade games involve racing; the objective is to finish the race first. There are many different racing games, and they usually involve cars, boats, or other vehicles. Each racing game has its own rules, which the player must adhere to finish the race first.
  • Speed games: Speed games involve racing against the clock. Your goal is to get to the finish as quickly as possible. Some speed games will require you to collect items along the way, while others may be similar to traditional racing games.


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How Can Arcades Benefit Car Service Centers?

Arcade games offer a fun and entertaining way for car service center clients to pass the time. They provide a diversion from the monotony of waiting in a service area and can help to keep customers happy and entertained. arcade games are also a great way to market your car service center to a broader audience. Arcade games come in all shapes and sizes, and there is something for everyone. Some popular arcade games include video games, racing, and action games. These games are designed to be fun and challenging and are an excellent way to keep customers entertained.

How To Pick The Right Arcade Game Machines For Your Car Service Center?

Choosing the best arcade machines for your location will involve some research. There’re a lot of arcade machines, and picking the right ones for your shop will require knowing your goals. Do you want to target an audience primarily made up of kids? Or do you want to get people of all ages to come to play? Could you do both?

  • Once you’ve established this, the next step will be determining whether to use multi-player or single-player machines. Multi-player games are fun, but they require extra space and attention.
  • On the other hand, single-player games are great for smaller businesses since they can be tucked out of the way.
  • Once you know what machine you want, the next step is deciding which games you want. Do you want all of the classics? Or would you prefer to focus on modern games?
  • Keep in mind that newer games tend to be more expensive.

How Much Should An Arcade Machine Cost?

So let’s talk cash — how much do you think an arcade machine should cost? There are way too many variables to give a clear answer, like age, condition, and the particular components inside each machine. It is also possible to purchase devices at a lower price. You’ll spend more money in the long run if you buy these. On the other hand, a sound machine will likely last longer and provide more enjoyment. You must find the middle ground to find the right balance between cost, reliability, and fun.

Where Can You Get Good Prices On Arcade Games For Your Store?

Arcade games are one of the hottest items to sell in retail. The popularity of these games makes them affordable. Arcade games were more popular in the past, so finding good-condition games can be challenging. Your best option is to visit local arcades in your area and look for fun in good condition. From there, you can negotiate a price with the arcade. Since credit cards cannot be used to pay for games, bring cash.


Though many types of arcades vary in price, the average cost for a machine is about $2,500. This does not include revenue sharing or monthly fees associated with some amusement centers. If you’re interested in starting your arcade, research the market and choose machines that appeal to your target audience. For more information on how to get started, check out Arcades Australia.


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