What Are The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Turret Punch Press Equipment?


A turret punch press tooling is simply a punch press tool used for punching metal equipment. The punch press tooling is generally used for mass production however, the purchase and maintenance costs are a bit higher. This equipment is used for heavy metal production and it certainly has both advantages and disadvantages. The primary benefit of this punching machine is that it punches metal with exact accuracy which results in high-end productivity. These exact benefits are also the reason why it is chosen and recommended by consumers worldwide.

 turret punch press tooling

Useful System Of The Turret Punch Equipment:

The turret punch machine is equipped with the servo system which has a control device in the numerical form. Moreover, it is linked with another control punch which is also numerical. The benefit of these numerical control systems is that it maintains accuracy and at the same time one can track the speed and position of the punching metal. These dynamic activities are all possible due to this servo system. That is also the reason every turret punch manufacturing company is ensuring more research and development for the improvement of the system.

The control system of the turret punch is automatic and also helps with controlling the machine parts that come with the dragging system as well. The servo system is also generated by computer software. It helps with the transformation and amplification of the moving part.

The Advantages Of The Turret Punching Equipment:

  1. Sometimes the surface of the metal parts can get complex shapes and the punching machine can easily process those complex shapes.
  2. The turret punching machines got high adaptability for which the processing goes in a stable manner.
  3. Their high productivity, accuracy, and shorter punch period require fewer workers on the punching part.
  4. The production efficiency of the turret punching machine is 5 times higher than other machines.
  5. The punching machine has higher tracking accuracy compared to other machine tools.
  6. The turret punching machine is multitasking hence the energy and electricity of the factory plant can reserved.
  7. Alongside the automation systems it can also be controlled with computer software, hence operating the machine becomes easier.
  8. The investment and maintenance of the system are high but the return and productivity are higher.

Disadvantages Of Turret Punch Press Equipment:

  1. As mentioned above, the wholesale price of the equipment is high making the overall retail price to be higher.
  2. Technical and machinery maintenance of the machine is complex, therefore needs specialized technicians, hence, higher cost of
  3. maintenance.
  4. Higher workload for manual programming and therefore needs careful maintenance.


Although expenses, investments, and maintenance regarding the machine are higher, the return and efficiency of the machine are worth all the expenses. Careful handling and proper punching of equipment will give out reliable and strong tools which will benefit the industry.

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